Halloo and Happyest of Fridayes, friends! The happy thing about it is I don’t have to go to work so yay!

As you may know, this is Good Friday, which is part of Easter weekend. And everybody knows that’s when - errrrmmm... when Healer Alchemist With Breton Magicka Bonus Jesus walked out of the dungeon at the behest of King Yahwehel Septim to vanquish the dragon that came out of the Moon Egg, but then he realized it was all a big misunderstanding so he resurrected it and they hung out in an eyrie and ate chocolate until they got sick and then sent a harmless little bunny out for Pink Tummy Meds, but they were all out at the drug store so he fed them plastic grass instead. So in honor of... all that, feel free to tell a story, sing us a song or drop a .gif of your choosing with regard to this auspicious holiest of daze.

Or, you know, just say hey.