Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Roll Call

Hey howdy, one and everyone, and welcome to Another Monday. We got an hour’s more - well, maybe not sleep this weekend but it won’t be as dark when we book out this morning at least. Might make dragging your ass out marginally easier, for the moment.

Folks, it’s November. Not sure how that happened but that means the year is almost out, shopping pretty much anywhere is gonna be bugnuts very soon-like, and we’ll start bitching about how cold it is instead of hot. But first, we here in the States have got to get through this technicolor hurlfest of an election “season”. Just one and a half more days, folks, and hopefully people can get some rest. I mean, hopefully. But whatever happens, Thanksgiving and Xmas and New Year and (fingers crossed) end-of-year treats and/or bonuses are still happening, and we will have the comfort of fattening and sleep-inducing food to ease our strain. So take some deep breaths, quiet your minds and think about pie. The world will still go on tomorrow, and possibly the day after that even.


And of course, stop in and say hello, share some pieces of your world as you see it and just be friendly-like.

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