Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Roll Call

Heeeeeey Happy Friday, peeps. We have very nearly made it to the weekend. Whew! And hey - this time next week all this election mess will be over and STILL NO ONE WILL BE HAPPY! YAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!! Oh and hey, the Brits will be bonfiring straw traitors tomorrow too, so y’all be careful with your incendiary devices in way we can never seem to be with our words.

Anywho, stop by and say hello, let us know how you plan to chill and rest your heads before you raise your hands. Drop a .gif or a song or a story or whatever for moments of glory. This right here being the internet, you can be assured that it will last forever, to your joy or shame and all our delight.


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