Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Roll Call

Hello and welcome to another day in which we get over the hump, or the pumpkin. I dunno, one of those. I’d like to get over some pumpkin muffins myself, but that would involve going to a place that has them, which seems woefully short this year. Was there a bad harvest? I know it wasn’t used up for all the p-spice flavored whatnot because none of that has any actual pumpkin in it. Gods help me if I end up at the actual bakery. That place is dangerous like wearing an all-black Death costume in a tourist area at night on a weekend. I go in there, I’m just asking for it.

Anywho, go ahead and take stock of what’s gone a-ghostin’ already this week. We got a few more days until the weekend and then a couple more days until the votepocalypse here in the States, so we may as well enjoy the respite while we can.


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