Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Roll Call

Gooood morning and welcome to another fine Tuesday, O high-flying ’Noisers. Hopefully those of you who have need will have climbed out of bed by now. I know I feel like I’ve been on the bottom rung and kind of wrung out from getting up too damned early yesterday, so how early I do this today thing will remain to be seen. I mean, what’s a few bucks when my sinuses are screeching in protest and I have three more days of this week to get through? I mean because, honestly, if I push too hard I’m just gonna end up spending that money on cheezburgers and milkshakes to make me feel better anyway, right? Mmm... cheesebuurgerrrss...

Oh, huh, what? Oh, yeah. HI GUYS. Swing on by and hang around a bit. This day is just waiting for you to grab hold of it.


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