Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Roll Call

Hello, Whitenoisers, hanger-onners, lurky-looers and miscellaneous denizens of the interwebz. It’s yet another Tuesday and still ain’t nothing going on up in here. Got one more job rejection yesterday, one more lead on something I still can’t get excited about doing to hold me over. The unemployment goons closed my claim for that half a week I worked even though that’s not the way they are supposed to do it, so I’m even broker than I was. Hooray for the dazzling life of k2b! I mean, I was okay with boring, but starving crosses a line somewhere. Oh, well, thank goodness for the Credit Behemoth who shapes my world and devours me in the moment that it it nourishes me, and stuff.

What’s going on with you folks today? Is the new year any less new yet, or are things still looking kinda shiny? Or are you just dazzled by the bizarre light of reality?


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