Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Good morning, Whitenoise, and welcome to the last hump of the year. One might even say it is the ulti-hump, if one were so inclined. Another year out the window, and whatnot.

You guys, I hope this next one doesn’t suck. It would be nice not to have the suck so much. Can I make a resolution to refuse to accept anything that sucks? Like, someone offers me a job and it’s total bullshit so I get to tell them to fix it and stop being stupid, because I have a promise to keep? How can I make this new year thingie work for me, is what I’m sayin’...


What about y’all? Made any of those little promises like people do? Or just hoping that the rest of the world doesn’t prove so faithless?

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