Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Hello once again, and Happy Monday. Welcome to the world of your daily adventures once again.

I managed to do a low-tech techie thing this weekend so now my sad old DSL is also being shot out into the unwired oblivion for my personal use. That means I do not have to drag myself out to the library or some MickeyD’s or something to put my wonderfully free library books on the wonderfully free sad old iWhatsit a friend gave me. Hooray! I can be bookish and lazy all over the house now!


Anywho, it’s still Monday, which one day if I am fortunate will suck for me, too. Please, stop and share your greetings and salutations, your frustrations and obfuscations, your celebrations and adulations, and illustrate where applicable.

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