Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Roll Call

Hello, Whitenoisers, cloudgazers, skyskimmers, daydreamers and campaigners for a trip to the moon. It’s Monday again, though not as Mondayish a Monday for some of us, as it is also the week of Thanksgiving (US) and accompanying festivals of gluttony, be they with a plate of turkey or a shopping cart.

Again, I will take this moment to encourage one and all to keep the professed spirit of the season when dealing with friends and other assorted loved ones, strangers in the too-long lines at the market and the poor bastards who have to help you find that perfect gift for the person at the office who you don’t really care for at all.


And as ever, stop in, say hello, and drop something in the gallery for us to remember you by. Soon enough we will all vanish in and out of the haze that is the end of the year.

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