Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Roll Call

How much is that teddy in the window
The one with the raggledy fur
How much is that teddy in the window
I mean, taking away expenses for a flea bath and all that, of course...

Hello, one and all and welcome to Monday - the raggediest day of the week. But even so, it needs some love. After all, without Mondays there are no work weeks and without work weeks there are no paychecks, despite all the extraneous stuff one of those usually comes infested with.


So, you know, here we are waiting for the week to get going. Check in, be friendlyish and perhaps share a little view through your own window to the world.

ETA: I meant to mention it’s a day off for a lot of folks, but my brain fell out. Happy Labor Day, all. Try not to crush or get crushed in shopping traffic.

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