Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Roll Call

Hello and welcome to another Monday, one and all. It’s also the beginning of August, which means any store you go to will be full of kids looking for school stuff and probably everywhere else will be full of kids trying to get their ya-yas out before they have to go back. And speaking of which, I guess I should be endeavoring to end my unscheduled-but-not-entirely-unwelcome summer vacation as well. *sigh* I was so enjoying the quiet. But, it’s a little too quiet now so it’s probably best I start trying to make myself useful again before I go off the deep end of hermitness. They just don’t make solitary cave living like they used to.

Anywho, let us know what it is you’re getting up to in order to keep your world moving along. Share some pics over here if you got ‘em. And whatever you all are up to, I hope it’s what you need.


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