Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Roll Call

Hey, Carl...

Yeah, man?

Do you ever think that maybe there’s a better life than picking up people’s leftovers in traffic?


Well, yeah, but if they just gave it to us it’d be communism, or something.

I guess you’re right, Carl. Dude, watch out for that truck.

Yes, people, we have arrived at yet another Monday. As I write this Sunday evening I have a humdinger of a headache which I’m hoping will drop away with a nice peaceful sleep. Like that’s gonna happen, LOL. First thing this morning I’m headed out to the near-burbs to see another temp agency. I have to tell you, it’s just me covering my bases - looking for scraps, if you will. In all of my collective months over the years of being in-between jobs, the assistance of multiple temp agencies has netted me a grand total of like, two hundred and thirty bucks. Seriously. Maybe the hopeless resignation with which I conduct myself will come off as some kind of quiet confidence, or something. I dunno. But hey - we got each other, with pictures even.

What about you guys? Anything wonderful on the road ahead this week, or are you just trying not to fall under the wheels of life?

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