Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Roll Call

Hello, one and all, and welcome to the hump. Watch your step. The first one is a doozy.

If you’re interested, Miss Funny Butt here is still with us, milking her helpless state for all it’s worth by refusing to eat anything but the fanciest stuff I can find her, then changing her mind again when I buy more of the one she likes. Because cats are jerks. There is no roller coaster of struggle and triumph like trying to keep a snickety old fluffball alive when she’s being particular. It’s a good thing she’s so adorable, is all I’m saying.


Luckily, you guys are here to provide solace and enjoyment, too, and possibly aggravation of your own. It just wouldn’t do not to spread it around. How’s the view from where you are?

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