Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Hey, guys, is this the switch to turn off the Monday function? ‘Cause I’m all over that, yo. Seriously.

My apologies for my intermittent presence of late. Just in case you guys missed it, the Queen Of All Teh Realms Of Feist, Scion Of Teh One True Fluffness and High Protector of Teh Clan Underfoot has not been well. She may soon be off to her great reward at the foot of Bast’s bed, which will leave a great big giant tiny fuzzy soft hole in my life to say the least. And speaking of holes, fuzz and plot and otherwise, I really do need to step up my game to replace my soon-to-be-poofing job. Because at Casa de k2b when it rains, it’s time to build a frigging ark.


Anyways, we’re here, to the extent we are. Say hello, share a little piece of your lives - past, present, future if you got that sort of thing - and let’s see if we can get this week to chase its tail until we’ve worn it out.

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