Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Welcome back to the Roll Call, you know what today is? Friday! It’s also the 1st of May. It’s 10ºC right May...

Deposit some GIFs and prepare for the weekend!


I wanted to talk about Casey Neistat and daily vlogging, but then I noticed how much I wrote and that I might as well make a separate post about it. In short, I like Casey a lot, but I don’t like daily vlogs, I think daily vlogs are akin to reality TV. While Casey’s vlogs are better than any other daily vlog I’ve seen it’s still a daily vlog.

I would definitely recommend checking out Casey...but not for his vlogs. Here’s one of his recent videos which is what I watch him for and what I find truly inspiring, it’s probably been on Giz before:

And here’s one of his vlogs:

He definitely shares some interesting insightful things most days, but omg, they’re still daily vlogs!!! It’s still just sitting and watching someone else live their life!!! Give it a few more days and I don’t think I’ll be watching.

I mean I don’t mean to be looking down on Casey, really I just wanted to share a couple of his videos, but I also thought it was worth mentioning that I don’t really agree with the idea of daily vlogging and while Casey has managed to do something different and challenge the status quo of daily vlogging, I still don’t think he’s quite fixed it.

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