Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Roll Call

Once more into the hump, my friends! Yep, it's another Woden's Day, and also the Day Of The Dreaded Tax Deadline. So beware of like, wolves and post offices.

Boy, howdy hula hoops am I stuck in the middle of it today. I tell ya, there's nothing like spending the day composing, merging and stuffing letters telling people that your boss is going somewhere else and you ain't going with them. Makes you feel all rusty inside, just knowing you are soon to be the dusty old machine left for the maintenance crew to toss in the dumpster. But hey, enough about me.


How's your world, y'all? Taxes done? Forms uploaded, stamps stuck and envelopes licked? Wolves at bay? Is it Friday yet?

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