Well hey there Whitenoisers, explorers, hole-borers, light snorers and random people just passing by. It happens to be Purrs - er, Thursday once again. The Friday to Friday, the day that we start thundering for a break and hoping that a little rest will rain down on us soon.

This one has been tough for some of us as DST is the devil/destroys the human soul/tends to wear you down at least a little bit. And speaking of littlebits, anyone who has critters in their household knows that they don't really give a damn what Congress says about what time it is because #SCIENCE they are too smart for that foolishness. And then by the time this posts, Missthing here will be kind of hungry-cranky too, having had her food taken up for surgery prep. So I will probably also be cranky. It's not the big one or anything, but anesthesia + little old kidney cat is always nerve-wracking. So while I do not demand your allegiance, you know, any good thoughts you can spare for Her Royal Cuteness, True Scion of the Righteous Fluff will be much appreciated.

Otherwise, it's a new day, most likely full of stuff of one sort or another. Whatchyall gonna do with it anyways?