Halloo and Happy Tuesday all ye 'Noisers and any other critters of the Kinjaverse. Marching right along, we are, on account of it being March I guess.

You guys, it's supposed to be a nice mild day around these parts. Maybe a little rain, maybe a little cloud. And it's all basically so we can have something to compare to when it gets unholy cold again later this week. Waaahhhhh it's not faaaaaaiiiiirrrr!!! *pout* I guess I could try and enjoy it while it lasts, go a day without silly thermal britches, take the opportunity to find solace in a cheeseburger while the walk is worth it and won't involve me busting my boohiney. Get my inner brat a little fresh air.

What about you guys? Any hope for brighter days on your horizons? Anything wonderful around the corner, just before you step off the curb into traffic?