Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Hey buddy - cheer up. It's Friday!

But it's a whole day left until the weekeeeeeennd and then I'll be too tiiiiiiired to play...


Aww, it's okay champ! You can take a nap with your eyes open while you only look like you're working. It's called playing on the internet! It's what Fridays are made for!

Halloo and Happy Friday FFS one and all. I mean jeez. It's about time. What the. It's also very nearly the end of January of the new year. What do you think so far? Headed in a better direction than the last one, stuck on the curb again or does it just feel like playing in traffic? Anywho, we're here all day. I'm guessing some .gifs will be had, and hopefully some good conversation. So like, hiya.

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