Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
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Halloo and Happy... ugh, Thursday everybody. Guess we can't walk right out into the weekend just yet, but it's looking a little brighter. It's also a couple days before Real Live Winter and a week until Christmas. And probably a whole bunch of other stuff because this is the time of year the ancients looked around and said, "Hey! Let's cook up a bunch of meat and stay inside for a while!"


Anyways, I guess that last countdown (sounds doomy) has begun and our collective next week[s] will be as wonky as they are. Shopping, family, whatnot that normal human beings and weirdos alike do. I, for one, will have a two day work week (bazinga!), followed by a three day work week, followed by a four day work week 'cause I'm taking an extra day off as per tradition in the post-NewYearpocalypse. Sweet, huh? But I gotta get through this perfectly ordinary work week with all its pitfalls and weird projects out of the blue and germy coworkers who can't stay home dammit and then we all have to have lunch together and how can I eat free food in close quarters and not breathe the whole time aaaaarrrrgh. And there's nothing that makes me crankier than spending my blessed days of rest fighting off some jerk's virulent sludge.

What was I talking about? Time off, sludge, roast beast? Eh, it's almost the weekend before a holiday and we'll all be doing our extra-special (or not) time of the year thing. Whatcha think about all that, 'noisers?

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