Oh, hey howdy all. *yawn* Already I'm mooning for my long lost weekend, which I guess explains the name of the day. But hey - at least I'm not snowed under and haven't been blown away by anything, and the job I have to drag myself to is annoying, but not soul-crushing like the last... er, three? four? gigs. So, silver lining...? And hey look! Pictures!

Anyways, iiit's abooouuut two and a half - TWO AND A HALF HOLY SMOKES - weeks to Xmas and that will be moar hibernatin' time for me so huzzah. I know some of y'all, like, do stuff for the holidays so - how's that looking so far? Done that shopping thing? Planned travel and houseguests and all that charming business? Got the holiday cheer in ya yet?