Goooooood morning, Whitenoisers, and Happy Friday to you! Now that those of us who planned to get stuffed got stuffed, and any obligatory familial visitations have been covered - at least for the month - it's time to have a nice leisurely almost-weekend day. Those of you who are working, I hope people have the sense to leave you be in your feast-induced bliss or whatever state you are in, unless that state is "homicidal maniac", in which case all bets are off. Those of you who are not, I hope you are chillaxing with the utmost happiness.

I'll probably be dozing a bit this morning as well, but hopefully those of you who aren't can keep each other company, play with .gifs, the usual Friday fare. Get your yayas out while you can, folks. I get the feeling next week is going to feel extra loooooong for a lot of us.