Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Roll Call

Helllloooooooo Whitenoisers and Happy Freaking Friday! I'm not working today and my air conditioning is finally functional so it's a good bet I'll be catching up on my cat napping a little later than usual. But hey - I'll be around, and you'll be around, and did I mention it's Friday? :)

So I'm thinking some .gifs will be along soon, and feel free to throw a little color into your lives with those. Otherwise say hey, keep company, and rejoice - for even though you ain't all up in the weekend like I am (neener), the weekend will soon be here.


ETA Kinjaverse Shenangians Dammit: Mornin' folks - there seems to be some stuff going on with the Show All button on comments, maybe for timed posts in particular. Remember that if you go to the main post addy and add "/all" you can see the whole deal.

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