Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Roll Call

Oh, hey. Halloo and welcome to Tuesday, Whitenoisers. One more month goes on the scrap heap today as we head toward October, the last quarter, the bedtime of the year. Hopefully the holidays will bring us much-needed naptime, but until then we have to suck it up and be productive. *yawn* Dammit.

Until then *stretch* WAKE UP FOLKS we probably have work to do. Or at least we have to look like it for another month and a half or so. Sorry. If I were the boss of all things I would make this the hibernatory season and be done with it. But I won't be the boss until I fully integrate myself into the interwebz and take over the...


Never mind, Whitenoisers. Come on in and say hello. We're gonna be here all day.

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