Goood morning and Happy Friday, Whitenoisers! Hosanna and Hallelujah and Praise Bob and His Noodly Pasta Cousin! We made it through the week.

Now it's kind of a thing that as I write this Kinja is blipping in a place or two, so hopefully that trend will shrink instead of spread and we'll be able to converse in the morning. Which is a thing we do. We call it Roll Call. Hopefully we'll have some .gifs too. And if the blips still blip where they are blipping but don't blip us, we'll have some neighbors by to visit. In which case, HELLO NEIGHBORS! And in which not-the-case, what the Hell, say hey to the neighbors anyway. They're good people. Let's see what we can do with this little joyous corner of the internet, shall we?