Hey howdy hallo neighbors. It's still just Tuesday but we might get to the weekend after all, eventually. Not without a hitch, or a lurch, and maybe a couple of terrifying shudders along the way, but we'll get there. *gulp* Maybe. We've just got to hold on tight.

I've been, like, really fragged lately, y'all. It's probably a combination of the weather and incumbent sinuses and maybe just a touch of too much exposure to all the bad juju in the world. Sometimes I think I'd be better off living in a tree somewhere. But then I remember about bugs and that stupid weather and how you can't get any ice cream or cheeseburgers if you're up a tree.

What about you guys? What's keeps you going even when you might feel like going up a tree, or crawling into a hole, or sinking like a stone? What's the allure of this far-too complicated world, shudders, lurches and all?