Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Oh, look, Whitenoisers. It's Monday again. Yet another week has begun in which we might scrounge out a living for ourselves. Oh, joy, oh rapture... Oh, poop on a windshield. It's Monday. Deal with it already.

Full disclosure: it's actually Sunday night right now and I have twisted my back in one of those ways my back likes to get twisty sometimes, and it's entirely possible that it will feel much better by morning, but in the mean time, Monday can suck it.


So, as I was saying, check in and offer your greetings, begrudging though they may be - we all know better than to take it personal on this of all days. Stop and share some pretty pictures to ease the pain and remind us this world isn't all about what we have to scavenge from the side of life's road. Unless that's the kind of pictures you like, of course. All beauty in desolation and that. Anyways, oww. Good morning.

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