Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Roll Call

Gooood morning, busy bees!!! Time to get your butts in gear and fly right into the work week. Hey, don't tell me to buzz off! I didn't make it Monday. I'm just trying to do my little dance and put a little honey on the situation.

So it is Monday - my condolences. I can forgive anyone for being slow to bloom in the dim foreboding light of that knowledge. Once you're relatively coherent, though, feel free to stop in and say hey-howdy. Hell, say hey when you're still incoherent - it might be more funny that way, take the sting out of it all. Check out the pretty pictures from the weekend and drop in some of your own if you got 'em. It'll be Monday all day long, folks. We might as well keep our fellow drones company.


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