Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Roll Call

Ohai. It's Tuesday. Feeling bright tailed and bushy-eyed? I know I am. Actually my old tail is feeling pretty dull right now, but let's not quibble. That would be nuts.

I know, I know, always with the low hanging fruit. I can't always have a little stash of cleverness squirreled away. Sometimes I'm just up a tree about what to say in the morning. So I just go with whatever's running around in my attic. I don't let it gnaw at me - we all gotta branch out as we can. It's not like I have endless twigs up my sleeve. (*facepalm* I'm gonna go hang out in this hole I dug myself now.)


So good morning, all. Feel free to let any wisdom you have to share shake loose and knock us all in the noggin.

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