Good morning and Happy Monday, Whitenoisers. It's back to work for many of us but at least (hopefully) for those of us in the States, it will be a short week. So let's enable the transformative power of our imaginations and just think of it as Tuesday. It will make Thursday/Friday seem a lot closer and any subsequent beer-swilling barbecues that much less of a dream yet to come.

Okay, fine, it's Monday. But maybe this week will be lovely. Nice. Tolerable? Stranger things have happened, right? The world is full of beautiful things if we just get our noses out of our paperwork long enough for the embarrassing nose-tip papercuts to heal. Not that that has ever happened to me. >_> (Shut up.)

Float on by, spread your wings and dust us with a little knowledge of the world as you know it. Hey - do one better and show us in the gallery if you like. It's gonna be Monday that might well be Tuesdayish all day long either way. Let's do try and make the best of it.