Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Roll Call

Good morning, all and everyone. It's finally, FINALLY Friday and it's about friggin' time too. The weekend's almost here so let's strut our stuff on into the happy. Okay, it's just a little random but I so love this bird. I mean, look at that little foot. Badow.

If there's no link right about here for the ever-popular T.gif, please accept my apologies. My power went out Thursday afternoon and came back on in the evening. So if I can't touch this sucker up in the morning, you'll know it all went poof again, and also my water heater may or may not have provided me with at the least a warmish shower. You'll know for sure if I show up to work and start popping out revenge .gifs left and right. Otherwise you'll see the familiar linky and I will have just ranted about how crummy the utilities can be in my neighborhood. On the bright side (but not literally because no power), at least the rain cooled things off so it wasn't quite so oven-like as it could have been when I got home.


Anywho, nice to see ya, Happy Almost-Weekend, hope it's a smooth one and we all keep our cool as best we can. Stop and say hey as per usual.

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