Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Roll Call

Okay, Whitenoisers, spectators, back-benchers, friendly sponsors and other various cogs in the machine. It's Tuesday, which is like a Monday, which at least means Friday oughta come sooner. Get your butts in gear already.

I'm doing the scary vet thing again this morning to see if the monkey is going to get her sad eyeball fixed up or maybe I should get her set up to live a pirate's life. I could get her a little hat and a faux-peg leg while I'm at it, and maybe a wee stuffed parrot for her little fuzzy shoulder. Yo ho ho and a bottle o' catnip!!! Avast, me fluffehs, thar's booty in that thar litter box!!! Dig, I say, dig! [mr]ARRRR!!!


Just trying to relax, folks. Excuse me while I walk the plank into suburbia...

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