Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Roll Call

Good morning, Whitenoisers, friends, compatriots, well-wishers and wandering souls. It's Monday, May 26 - Memorial Day here in the U.S. - which means quite a few of us aren't working today and will be sleeping in, grilling out, and possibly even honoring someone or another. But just in case you happen to fly by, I thought I'd make sure you had a place to land and send your greetings.

Please feel free to check out and contribute to our photo gallery if you haven't already, and show us a little what it's like under your sky. Settings did an especially nifty thing to show off, well worth a feather in one's cap.


I'll probably come home to roost eventually after taking care of some good healthy laziness myself. Go ahead and wing it until then. ;)

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