Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Roll Call

Hello again, Whitenoisers, friends, compatriots, spiritual brethren and sisteren, imps of the perverse, imps of the mildly silly but not that weird, and garden variety lurkers. It's another Tuesday and we're still here.

I had a nice wander in the sunshine yesterday and looked at new-ish constructions I had not investigated lately, watched folks being folks and just generally farted around until time to go back to work. It was nice. I try to do it when the weather's good so I can get some Vitamin D and some fresh air - or you know, what passes for it. I'm a little pink but no worse for the wear. And I'm very relaxed, in a nice way, aside from the usual morning sleepies.


What kind of things do you do to make life more pleasant? What constitutes a good day in your world?

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