Good morning again, all. Iiiiiiiiit's Tuesday. Yup. My day will consist of both jury duty and work because my world is strange and sometimes annoying. But hey, it's a sunny day and at least I'll get some fresh air in between being cooped up in various places. Who knows? Maybe it will turn out I have some free time to get even more fresh air and goof off and maybe even go fly a kite or something, I dunno. More likely I'd end up going to the mondo-gigantic-but-still-doesn't-have-all-my-stuff pet store or doing some unfinished personal paperwork or something lame like that.

Hopefully those of you who celebrated Cinco de Mayo yesterday had a nice time and/or some tasty noms and DON'T HAVE TOO MUCH OF A HEADACHE OR ANYTHING. Now we get on to the rest of the week. What's going on in your little lives, Whitenoisers?