Gooood morning, Whitenoisers, and Happy May Day. Not that I am implying you are in distress, of course, or that you should be happy about it. Aside from being the tauntingly nebulous day of Thursday, it is also International Workers' Day and the standard May Day of bright poles and springtime shenanigans but not stringing people up on giant dudes made of basketry because we would never do that. •_• Any basket-case behavior today should be totally self-actualized, just as the pagan gods of fair wages and shiny ribbons intended.

What's on the agenda for today, all? A little springtime revelry? A celebration of the struggles of the working man? Not seeing snow because it's freaking May already FFS? Check in and register your joys, your woes and as ever, your shenanigans, and remember the weekend will be here soon.