Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Roll Call

Hello and Happy Monday Whitenoisers. Huzzah for another week... fa la la... do-de-doo... *crash* *snore*

It's raining here and being all dangerous-threatening and stuff, but you can catch a little sunshine at the gallery. And you can also amuse yourself with the already-posted Oddness of the day.


Aaaaaannnnd, please don't test the tornado sirens in weather like this if you don't mean it. No, seriously, you want me to wash up and go to work when there's the threat of being blown away? Anywho... I wish I could duck and cover for the rest of the day, at the least because my windshield wipers are kind of shredded and my boo really, really doesn't like thunder and her eye is still owie and she scratches things when she's nervous. But alas, Monday. All over the place.

What about you, neighbors from also all over the place? What's the world like where you are?

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