Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Roll Call

Good morning, Whitenoisers. It's Wednesday, April 16th. Things have been happening, like people panicking over their taxes and the weather going up and down and work going up and down and life going up and down. Apparently going up and down is a thing. But there are always little things that make it all worthwhile. Families, friends, good fresh air that doesn't freeze or fry your lungs, violent video games to get your yayas out, miscellaneous electronic toys to make you feel special, the opportunity to help someone. Where there are downs, there are ups usually. It's that whole balance thing.

Interlude: Conversation With a Rather Hungry Kitty

I beg your pardon again, hooman, but the wait staff seems to have taken the day off. Where are my noms?


I'm sorry kitteh, the nice man who is going to fix your eye says you no can haz noms until after he fix your eye.

*pff* What? I don't digest with my eyes. What kind of crackpot is this man?

Sweetie, it's prolly because the meds they put in you might make your tummy hurt and then you might puke but if you're not conscious that could be not-good.

Nonsense. Give me my tummy meds and then fill my plate.

They said you can haz treat with your med. Just a couple.

How dare you! *mmmfft* I don't want this foolishness now *mffgh* you're spilling water all over the... OH MAH GAWZ IS THAT SOME TREATS? OM NOM NOM NOM... *glare* Now where's the rest?


So anyways, there are things that make our lives better, and those are what it's best to focus on when times are hard. Which makes it double-hard when the things that make life better are also the things having a hard time.


What makes your life better, Whitenoisers? And what would you do to keep it?

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