Hello again, Whitenoisers. Guess what? Yep, it's Monday. Hooray? I usually say the weekend was not long enough but damned if my air conditioning isn't fixed (isn't not-fixed?) after all, so mine felt like a kind of slow torture. Sad when you have to go to the office to cool off, and of course the fuzzbug is so wrecked she doesn't want to run this morning. I throw the toy, she trots about two steps then says PPPTTTHH SCREW THIS and flops. I don't blame her one bit.

Of course by tomorrow morning it will be about 40 degrees again. *sigh*

But at least we have the internet to keep us warm. Or cool. Or I dunno, my brain has been cooking in its own juices for like 60 hours straight. We've got some new pics from the world and if you haven't jumped on board, please feel free to do so. And of course as always, stop in to say hey and share your world here.