Good morning and Happy Monday, Whitenoisers.

As per usual the weekend is never long enough, especially those poor souls who had to work this weekend, but there's not much to be done for it now. At least we had some nice things to look at. Right?

So anyway, it's raining and dreary and I have to take my little fuzzbug to the vet first thing this morning. Urgh. The special vet who is a half hour drive away. In the rain. She'll likely be protesting vociferously the whole way. Y'all pray for me. And her. And the other people on the road. Gah.

This, of course, means I will once again be out of pocket for the first half of the day. Feel free to amuse yourselves, say hello, write any odes to caffeinated beverages which spring to mind, etc. I'll catch up with you later.