Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Roll Call

And now a message from the First Lady of the United States...

That's right, it's FRIDAY BITCHEZZZ!!!! Get your .gif on and bring your sighs of relief from all corners of wherever the Hell we all are.


Side note: If only weekends lasted for moar daze I would be so happy. Dear Powers That Be, I can haz moar weekendz? Not like from getting fired and stuff but you know, just chill some moarz? Can we make that happen people? No. FINE. Well, just for that I plan to be as cumulatively unproductive as possible within the given parameters of my down time in order to counteract all the nonsense I have had to do to prop up The Man. Take that, status quo! YEAH!

(Good morning, Whitenoisers. Fridays make me a little giddy. Er. Giddier.)

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