Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.


A Conversation with A Cat through the Bathroom Door.

She: ngaaaaOOOOUUUUUUwwwwwwaAAaa!!!!!

[translation: "A-hem. Excuse me, slave2b, but I explicitly recall that when I woke you personally with the lightfoot dance and glorious song to invite you to the Mid-moon Revels, you muttered something about enjoying the Rising Sun Revels instead, and something about this 'bed time' you always carry on about. Now I understand if you need a bit of a fiss at first light - and where is that light anyway? I'm sure I did not authorize any late rising of the sun and yet for three days hence it has been so. Anyway, I understand attending to some standard bodily functions but really, what is with all this brushing of the hair and combing of the teeth or whatever it is you do in there? I demand service, and I am inclined to speak to your supervisor."]


k2b: sotto voce: Pffft, rrrrr.

[translation: "My apologies O My Queen, but you see I must attend to morning rituals of my own, as I am terribly confused upon rising and would not wish to cause harm to your most excellent tail by engaging the chase before my wits are about me. As for the rising of the sun, you will in fact have to take it up with the management. Unfortunately, they are quite a ways east and you can not get a bus pass without me, nor an audience without your own lobby."]*

She: ruRr.

[translation: Fine. I accept your apology but do hurry it up in there. My interest is waning and you know how I get distracted by the wind in the water dish and that small spot of frayed carpet in the hall.]


*Note: As my pronunciation, I am told, is still quite dreadful it is entirely possible that I actually said, "The Fancy Feast has gained sentience," which would explain a lot as she has been hesitant to eat it lately.


Good morning, Whitenoisers. As you can see, things are Officially Off-Schedule at Villa de k2b. I'm a little sleepy, a little cranky, but none the worse for wear and it's very nearly the end of the week. What sort of revels have you planned for yourselves?

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