Hurrrrr... ummmm... I'm up?

And I just don't know how to feel about that. I mean, my taste buds weren't awake for my breakfast, so I'm sure my tummy is rather surprised to find itself full. Even the cat is confused. But Hooman-person, she says, Ai onliest last woke you an hour ago! Why you nawt steel trynta put pillow over hed? Actually, my cat only talks like that when she thinks I can't understand the complex language of squints and whiskers of allegation she usually uses, which today is certainly the case.

Oh, wait! I figured out how I feel about it!


Grrrrrrrr. Mornings suck, and extra-early mornings doubly so. I did what I was supposed to - I tried to get to bed early for days ahead of time. But lo and behold, the neighbors decided to party over the weekend. Whaddaya know?! Did I mention, Grrrrrrrrr?

Also grumble. Also pfrth khmrngamahgrlf.

Good morning, Whitenoisers, if you can manage it. How are you handling it today?