Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Roll Call

Oh, look, it's another workaday morning. Huzzah. •_• Time to drag yourselves out and get moving. Assistance is allowed where applicable.


So tomorrow's Friday, but it is kind of a sorrowful Friday as we lose that hour again this weekend. [Grumble, grumble, whine, whine.] I don't know why people want to mess with my sleep patterns. It's such a delicate balance as it is. Some people like it, of course, and apparently they have the law on their side because they get more of Their Time than I do of mine now. Just, you know, fair warning - next week's Roll Call might be a little loopy... -er. Loopier.

Stop in and say hey and by all means tell me why I'm terribly, irrevocably wrong. My ire will keep me awake. :)

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