Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Ohai. Monday. Yep.

So I made the fool mistake of looking at the news this morning and I have concluded that the world is still quite insane. Take your pick in speculating which headline encouraged that deduction. Here's a hint : IT'S ALL OF THEM. And yet, we are all going back to work, powerless to do anything but pull a paycheck (if we're lucky) while things blow up and people die and good guys get arrested while creeps walk free and bastards cheat on their taxes while howling about bootstraps or whatever. I dunno. I'm feeling a little morbid about it all.


SO - Good things? Happy things? Things to make it a little less Monday-ish overall? Bus fare for the interstellar Get Off This Planet Express? Anyone?

Good morning, Whitenoisers. It's nice to know if we have to share such a crumby world, at least we've got each other and .gifs.

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