Oh, my holy frikkin' Hell what's up with the cold? I take a couple of vacation days in the kinda chilly standard winter fare around here and I wake up to - the wind chill is WHAT?!?! It dropped HOW MANY degrees from yesterday to this morning? And it's not going back up until WHEN? Dude, not cool.

At this moment, kinda hoping the designated bossly calls and says, "Hey, black ice is a bitch, let's wait 'til the sun's been out a bit longer before you risk it." Fingers crossed. But then again, folks, will the sun really melt the ice when the wind is just smoothing it back over?

I know, I know, all the upper Midwesterners have been dancing to this tune already and poor Otter's up there building an igloo with one arm or something. But folks, I have a tiny car, I drive mainly east-west to work, and did I mention black ice is a bitch and it's been raining/miscellaneously-designated-types-of-precipitating for a day?

So. Brave souls of the pseudo-arctic. Anybody getting snuggle-up-and-screw-it-all privileges where you are?