Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Roll Call

Good morning and Happy New Year! God, I'm tired. Because people really, really like an excuse to be loud. And I don't have my own lawn to tell them to kindly remove themselves from. Ah, well, 2014 is here and so am I. I'm not big into sports or gatherings but it's nice to have a Signifying Thing to do. The mission for today is some black-eyed peas...


No, no. This kind.

Nommers, folks. If you are not familiar with the whole thing (as I was deprived of it growing up myself), one is expected to eat black eyed peas for luck, and possibly cabbage or greens for money. It all goes back to some hardship thing of making a feast of dried peas and offing a pig for the gods or something. And if this interests you, as it does me, you may investigate the most excellent phenomenon of Hoppin' John on your favorite recipe site. Me, I just start throwing stuff in the cart at the grocery and then throw it in the pot on the day. Then I watch it all turn into lumps, eyed lumps, eyed lumps, eyed lumps, my lovely nommy lumps. Shut up, just shut up, shut up. I'm tired. I gotta feelin' this is the best I can do today.


So, anyone else up and half-running yet? What's the game plan for today?

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