Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.

Roll Call

Ah, joy, another Monday has burst upon us in all its spinning glory and mockery of celebration and light...


Yep, it's a particularly festive alien invasion.

LOL I wish. But y'all know there's that other thing that's coming. The thing that keeps sane people away from shopping centers. The thing that makes kids all itchy and hard to control... -er. Hard-er. My bad. The thing that messes up ALL the dishes in a multitude of houses for days to come. No, it's still not an alien invasion. It's Christmas. Even if you don't subscribe to the particular belief systems that brought it about. It's pretty much Christmas a whole lot of everywhere. Except I hear some places do slightly less pepper-spray shopping, and actually get together and have a nice time.

Also, lots of people take the opportunity to wear funny headgear, so there's that.


But until then... What's in store for the week ahead - besides, you know - NOT ME because "in store" is like, get it? Oh, fine. But seriously - got anything big to get wrapped up besides presents?

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