Looks like Whitenoise has invited a few new friends to the playground. Let's have fun, play nice and hope no one has to call the nurse.

It's Wednesday, f.k.a. Hump Day until some camels or something ruined it for everyone, idk I don't get out much. So that's a thing to celebrate. The work is starting to get more manageable for me post-holiday, so huzzah on that one. You know my run-on sentences run to the next page when I get brain-fried, so that should be a relief to any newbs who might be trying to figure out What the Hell Is Going On Here.

As Curves' most delicious post mentioned, some of yous got cleared to comment, some to post. If you wanted to post and we missed you, the admins who regularly wander these halls are as follows: Denver is too damn high, Curves, dan7gtar, Joe_Limon, ottermann, Settings, SkeletorDan, UKStory135, and of course the ever-popular and terribly mysterious k2b. We don't stand on ceremony here. Just say hey. And if we don't know you well enough yet, don't feel bad. This little whirlwind of activity is a newish thing for us, too.


Welcome, friends, old and new. How's your day going so far?