Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
Last one out of the Kinjaverse, turn out the lights.
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This article is dumb. I'm saying that here on Whitenoise, instead of there because no matter how polite and well-spoken I am on this I'm an insta-asshole, as per the article. Lose-lose if I try posting a comment there. And this is pretty ranty of me, so I thought I'd keep it relatively down-low and this way I have to edit my tone less to sound polite.


Disclaimer up front: I grew up in Colorado and I live in NYC. I am practiced at driving in all snow conditions. Noted...I grew up with it and I'm used to it, others might not be.

Reasons why this article is dumb and draws the wrong conclusions:

1) You don't need plowed streets to navigate 2 inches of snow. You need solid, basic driving skills and knowledge. You need to not drive too fast. You need to not drive to slow. And most of all you need to not panic. If you have those things you can and will make it from point A to point B. Salt and plows are certainly helpful. But if you rely on them you likely should not be driving until they do come or the snow melts. To Brian's point: it seems that there was little warning so it's possible people were not able to react as they normally might. Regardless my point stands: if you are a competent and careful driver 2" is a non-issue. When we hit 4-6" I can see how it might be harder for inexperienced drivers...when 33% of your wheel is buried by snow it can get interesting...not 2". Sorry. Brian's argument hinges on salt and plows. I call BS on both...the fault is with poor driving skills, and poor drivers by extension.


2) You do not need 4-wheel drive or snow tires. My evidence? My Carmen Ghia that I had in high school. This push-over (but fun!) car has a RR drive layout. For whatever reason we could not secure snow tires for it for several years...maybe because we hadn't switched out the stock wheels for upgrades while we were restoring it. I don't actually know: maybe we just didn't feel like it. One way or another, in Colorado we would routinely drive this vehicle in 4+ inches of snow. The photos in the article shows cars that are admittedly RR drive vehicles, but which are also SUV's, trucks, and regular cars (which include heat I might add! My Carmen Ghia did not.) with much more stability than the half-bondo tinker toy I drove over the hills and through the woods to Grandma's house. No really. Grandma lived in the woods. Over several hills. Point is: the vehicle is not the issue. Not really. Not in 2" of snow.

3) I'm not laughing because the South is backwards. I'm laughing because you're crappy drivers and you just outed yourselves in spectacular fashion. I don't think it's funny that people died. Nor do I actually think that the entire South is one giant, crappy driver (there were certainly people who didn't make the news by driving safely and carefully and got home just fine!). But people in the South are bad snow drivers, and I find it amusing when the state that is "self-aware enough to realize [it needs to shut down]" does not shut down because of snow and then tells everyone else not to call it like it is. This is like the kid who slips on ice (Maybe he's even from Florida! Maybe he's never seen ice!), looks around at the other kids and yells, "Shut up! That didn't happen! YOU'RE the stupid ones!" No. No Brian, we aren't. You slipped and fell on the ice and it's a little giggle worthy at worst. So if we say "you're bad snow drivers" that's not an insult, it's merely empirical fact, and we're not really assholes for simply noticing. If you think I think it's funny because you're "full of backwards blubberers," you're wrong. I think it's funny because you suck at driving in minor weather situations and then have the gall to turn around and tell us we're all just big meanies. I get it - you never see snow, so you've never practiced, so accident probability skyrockets. It's like asking someone from Colorado or NYC to be ready for a hurricane (er..wait). But still...this is basic driver's ed stuff.


tl;dr - people in the South are bad snow (and maybe regular?) drivers. That's why it's "funny", not because we think they're backwards.

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